Staff Members Edit

Anticraft's staff members are very important to the server, and contribute a lot to this server, including a lot of time.
We all should be appreciative of the staff members, and give them credit for always helping us! Helping us build by using World Edit, and punishing anyone who causes us grief.

All ranks on the Anticraft forums, including the deleted "Retired" rank.

This page is all about the staff members, from Interns to Owners


Interns are just beginning, but are still important staff members. They will soon grow to be a Moderator, then Admin, and higher ranks in the future.


Moderator is the next rank up from the beginning of being a staff member [Intern]. Moderators are getting more experienced as bring staff members, and are soon to be admins! They have many more commands that they can use to help everyone!


Admins are finally up there! After going through Intern and Moderator, now they are Admin! When they finally reached the Admin rank, they will stay there for a long while, until after 6 months, they will become "Legend"


Legend is a rank you get after you are an Admin for 6 months. These are long-time admins, that have done a good job at their admin job for 6 months, and they are being "rewarded" for their hard work.


There is only one Social member at the moment, who is an Admin that manages Anticraft's social programs outside of Minecraft. [YouTube, etc.]


This rank is only given to a highly trusted player as they have access to everything. Some common tasks for them include updating plugins, rebooting the server, and brainstorming on ways to improve server performance. The primary objective for an OP is to insure smooth server performance. Currently there are only 2 OPs, HerroJoshery and Justcfx2u.


Anticraft's owners are the most important of all! They work very hard to keep the server running and managing players, while maintaining their normal lives! We thank you, owners, for all of your hard work!


Retired is a rank that was tested out on Anticraft for just a week or two, for Admins that could not be on Anticraft as often anymore because of the lack of time, possibly due to jobs or family. They still got all permissions as Admins. However, many players thought of this to be a bad idea, or even offensive to the admins given this rank, because of many reasons, so the Owners decided to remove the rank, and give the "Retired" staff members their original Admins ranks back.