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Metropolis at Night viewed from the Astro Peninsula Tower

Metropolis is a city on Anticraft's Lower Kit Corner. It is one of the biggest cities on minecraft and is owned by John.

The First Metropolis (Afkoshlia) Edit

Afkoshlia was the first part of Metropolis, before Metropolis became Metropolis. It is now titled Avondale and has a branch called "The Projects" where the college project began (but was never finished). Avondale was started by taekwondoking4, gertrudestein (John), and Awesomelicious (Awesome). Forming a little off of Prokas Resort, it was not originally given a /city warp because of the proximity to the once-famous resort. A monorail line connected the two, but it was still regarded as "a haul" by John and some other players.

Early on the city was small but it grew fast and soon there was almost no room to build except on the economy plots. This led to the building of the Projects/University. Originally just going to be a campus, it then grew to becoming a main part of Old Metropolis/Avondale: The Projects. The Projects, once, was a workplace and was also being used to revitalize the server and teach new players about the rules. This was the University's main idea, however it was abandoned abruptly for a reason unstated by John.

The Projects then grew to having plots. This didn't help that much except for the commercializing of the city and the SICA Station/University. Then there was the park (actually before that). The park was just grass, but then some trees grew on this very plain spot. It has been suggested to use it as a plot because of its glowstone boundaries, but "it would cut right through the roads." A citizen did move in however to the projects, took a plot, and that was one of the only people to ever live in that undeveloped and sometimes referred to as 'ugly' part of town.

The Second Town HallEdit

The Second Town Hall was a small stone building built by Awesomelicious. It was based off of a plot and was going to be the real town hall, but with the Noob Room already, it just became another building in Afkoshlia like everything else. Then with the growth of Metropolis past the Ghost City Bridge, it was left behind quickly.

Metropolis NowEdit

Metropolis right now is a somewhat bustling city. John frequently asks if people would like to build towers in Metropolis, but few come - one key characteristic of Metropolis is the move in/out ratio where moving out is somewhat more.


Transportation in Metropolis is mostly by train or foot. Trains to the Dock and to Avondale are served in the ground level of City Limits/Ghost Bridge station (#1 Main Street). On the upper level trains go to New Sweden Drive/Spawn. From there you can transfer to a train that goes to the upper part of the next street , which has some towers and the smaller bridge.


Controversy Edit

The roads in Metropolis can be confusing to visitors, for they are not always consistent in size and in length between. They also do not cover the rest of the city leaving some buildings roadless.


The streets on Metropolis are typically 2 or 3 blocks wide and usually end either at water or a hill. Highways have been proposed, but they haven't finished them yet.


The mayor of Metropolis is John, aka gertrudestein. He founded the city and has plans to make it bigger and nicer and more organized, but the plans are currently not in effect. Clarezza is also a leading force in metropolis and may become mayor eventually. Awesomelicious is a volunteer government official and while those two people are major, leading forces in the town, the city has a sort of martial law in effect - the citizens govern themselves for the most part, with a loose government mainly under the laws and rules of Anticraft.


The neighborhoods of Metropolis are many, from the large urban sprawl of Miami to the war-torn industrialization of Norcenburg.


Central is the main region of Metropolis, including many historic landmarks such as the Ghost City Bridge, City Hall, and Norwedanste Avenue. It was the main cornerstone of Metropolis, with many of the city's attractions (aforementioned) residing in the area, with a large amount of sprawl resulting in...


Also known as Downtown. It does not host many landmarks but hosts two, the Bank/police building, and the Pink Pony Motel. North from Miami, there is...

Norcenburg & IndustrialEdit

The newest and poorest region of Metro-Miami, it contains the power plant, Emerald Processing Plant (Gertine co.), and a police station.