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The CRail HQ (Brown and yellow wooden building) and some tracks at Ghost City Bridge/City Limits Station on Main Street

CRail is the rail transit system of Metropolis and it operates commuter rail through cities, biomes, and anything else.

Commuter Rail (ComRail)Edit

CRail's commuter rail operates a sort of triangular system. The Desert Terminal is the biggest station and the only one with a food court and service hall. A station at Avondale is also a hub, but Desert Terminal has the most trains leading in and out.

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Avondale's platform.

Avondale's station (pictured) has a blue line leading to undeveloped land. The station hasn't been completed as of now, but due to the development of Metropolis and the CRail city line. The Avondale station also has a red line express running to Emblem City. From Emblem City you can catch a train to the Desert Terminal.

=== Lines===

ComRail lines
Line 1st Destination Final Destination Red Line Avondale Emblem City
Blue Line Avondale Unknown
Green Line Emblem City Desert Terminal
Yellow Line Desert Terminal Grand Peaks
Purple Line Desert Terminal Antigolf

Public Transit (CitRail)Edit

CitRail is still a big work in progress. It has roots in Avondale from Prokas, goes across the Ghost River, and from Avondale goes to the incomplete Dock Area, and then a line goes to New Sweden Drive. Transfer from the block next to it to the station that goes to the area of TV Production Room/King Bridge. The line has been suggested to go to the beach.

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CitRail in Avondale