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Welcome to the Anticraft WikiEdit

Anticraft is a 24/7 100 slot free-build Minecraft Server. It was founded on December 4th, 2010 by theantimother. Its current operating team consists of three owners, theantimother, bmullen, teku, and three operators, HerroJosheryJustcfx2u, and xJustiinz

Anticraft Forums:

"...Our numbers do not lie. We've only just begun."-Teku

Anticraft Creative ModeEdit

  • Land Office Building designed by: GraphicRabbit
  • Type /warp landoffice for all your plot questions.
  • Plot designed by: sporkasoris & halodeacon96
  • Plot designed by: Nicklebas125
  • Plot designed by: BruceBakker
  • Plot designed by: allikanator00
  • Plot designed by: freekje118 & durna
  • Plot designed by: joelzoboyo
  • Plot designed by: JonnyM96
  • Plot designed by: NickLeBas125
  • Plot designed by: ormanator
  • Plot designed by: xxqsdealerxx
Anticraft is a server much different from many other servers. Our most frequently asked question is "How do I get creative mode?" Well, aside from the fact that we have many kits designed for your convenience in our few survival worlds, we also have one completely creative world that many people have really enjoyed. We do not have grief here, as our members get a specific number of 100x100 plots, and they can add their friend to these plots if they wish. Any more questions about plots can most likely be answered in /warp landoffice.

We have amazing builders here, and are always happy to see greater builds.

About LandOfficeEdit

LandOffice is the name of the creative world we have. It was made primarily by Bmullen, and was released on March 13, 2012. We get many questions about it, so we actually made a building that has all the commands our members are free to use for their own plot. On April 15, the server held competition for what the building would look like. Despite the many entries that tried, on April 29, the staff members found that GraphicRabbit's design was everything Bmullen was looking for.

Anticraft WebsiteEdit

The Anticraft website has the forums and donation pages and more! Check it out by clicking here

Also, check out the Anticraft Forums Wiki by clicking here

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