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Anticraft has a forum page, where people can talk about their ideas, ask questions, etc.. Many people have join the Anticraft Forum community, why don't you?

It is easy to sign up, and worth it when you do! Talk to your friends! Share your ideas, screenshots of awesome builds, and just chill! Have a great time talking to everyone!

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Server StatusEdit

Server Status is the place for Admins to post the Server Status! If the server might be down for a while for some upgrades/updates, Admins will post here to inform you, so you are up to date!


Updates/Upgrades is the place that Admins will inform everyone of new plugins, or maybe new hardware to run the server that makes it run faster/smoother, or maybe added more slots to the server for players!


Rules is exactly what it sounds like! Come here to see the full list of rules, and memorize them to keep yourself from misbehaving to get yourself banned! We encourage to read the rules here and on the server, and read the rules once in a while to see if any changes have been made.

General DiscussionEdit

General Discussion is the part of the forums for people to just chat about things that do not have to be related to Anticraft or even Minecraft! This part is for people to talk about random things.

AntiCraft EventsEdit

AntiCraft Events is the part of the forums, where mostly admins post events happening on the server, or maybe on the forums. Though Non-Admins cannot post new topics in this section, they can to each topic if they wish.

Ban AppealsEdit

Ban Appeals is where banned players may appeal their ban, to be allowed back onto the server for another chance. When posting an appeal, the banned player must state their name, why they are banned, and why they want to be unbanned. We ask players to be patient while waiting for a reply from an admin. Please don't post over and over on your topic to bump it up, and please don't repeatedly post new topics for your ban appeal, for it may decrease your chances of getting unbanned.

For more information on ban appeals,click here


Screenshots/Videos is the place for you to put pictures and videos of Anticraft.

Server IdeasEdit

Server Ideas is the place for you to share your ideas for the server to everyone on the forums! If your idea does not go through, then don't worry, you won't be criticized for it, and you will think of more! Get crazy with your ideas, [but not too crazy] Even if you don't think it would work, try it! You never know, until you try!!

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